Reducing your risk is our passion.™


Our Solutions

We are a full-service cyber technology services company with domain expertise in cybervetting, cybersecurity, data science, and software-intensive digital solutions.

Reducing your risk is our passion.™
Screening and vetting people, organizations, and their activities is our forte.
Cyber and digital solutions is our expertise.


If you’re in need of an expert opinion, review, or analysis, we have the right expertise available. Our experts can help you employ cyber, digital, and analytical solutions, create ways to combat fraud, or deal with matters involving public policy.

Public policy consultation on border security, immigration, law enforcement, intelligence, contracting and acquisition, information sharing, and government information technology infrastructures.

Creating cyber and digital winning strategies in cybervetting, cybersecurity, information assurance, cloud solutions, data science and analytics, and software engineering.

Tradecraft training on screening, vetting, targeting, and background and identity checks against open and closed source, social media, and deep and dark web information.


Our cyber technology solutions for volume-based and person-centric screening, vetting and targeting are the best in the market. Our proprietary vetting techniques protect people, organizations and information networks.

QV Entity™: Managed service offering delivering digital footprints and dossiers directly to your inbox. Full scope investigation encompassing background and identity checks using publicly available information, social media, deep and dark web.

QV Screen™: Cloud-based cybervetting platform that detects, monitors and reports real-time volume-based and person-centric cyberthreat intelligence against your mission risk criteria. Vetting integration between your data sets and ours.

QV Secure™: Cybersecurity for your digital infrastructure. Appliance, vulnerability scanner, remote VPN endpoint server, and weekly reporting. Gain immediate GLBA compliance.


We offer agile services to build superior cyber, digital, and data science solutions. Whether it’s a software developer for a digital delivery or team of experts for data science, cybervetting or cybersecurity, we have the right expertise to deliver the right solution.

We provide cyber and digital software development and engineering labor for cloud-based and hybrid environments answering the demands and needs of your important mission.

We excel at providing digital automation development and engineering expertise to create action-based information for lead and target generation that matches your risk criteria.

Our development and operational research team provides first-class data science services in narrow artificial intelligence; predictive, cognitive, link and forensic, text, and entity analytics; and complex event processing.

About us

Who We Are

We are a cyber technology solutions provider like you’ve never seen before. Our team of data scientists, programmers, former special operators, law enforcement, immigration officers, and intelligence experts bring decades of experience building real-time real-world digital intensive systems for volume-based person-centric screening and vetting operations. We have vast expertise in background, identity, and security check operations; building high-volume and complex software intensive digital systems; and, employing data science and analytic solutions by leveraging years of perfected open source and social media tradecraft with deep and dark web sources for vetting activities. Our experience includes information sharing and automation between the Intelligence Community, International Partners, Departments of Homeland Security, State, Defense, Treasury, Justice, Labor, Securities and Exchanges Commission, Law Enforcement Agencies, other Government Agencies and the general public.

What We Do

We provide a highly customizable blend of consulting, products, training, and agile design and development support services to meet your specific risk criteria. Our team of real-world operators will create the right mixture of narrow artificial intelligence, deterministic algorithms, link and forensic analysis, entity analytics, text and narrative science analytics for an optimal intelligence-based operating picture. Our goal is to develop and operationalize cyber and digital tools, solutions, techniques and methodologies for you. Through our efficacy we aim to reduce your operating costs and accelerate timelines. Our customized end-to-end solutions includes follow-on training from experts to ensure you can sustain operations. Quantum Vetting brings real-world operators, experts, and solutions to meet your dynamic requirements and reduce your risk.

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Reducing your risk is our passion.™